Painting & Drawing

Demo imagePainting and drawing is a way for people to show off their fine art skills. While some people merely view painting and drawing as a hobby, others view it as a means of expression. Some paintings sell for thousands, or even millions of dollars at auction. Drawings receive similar notoriety, especially if they are unique and hard to find... read more


Demo image Mosaics provide one of the best platforms to showcase true artistic ability. They allow for ultimate creativity as well, as many different materials are used to create a mosaic. Many mosaics are created without an intended message, and the primary purpose of these is the arrangement of objects to create an aesthetic appeal... read more


Demo imageWhile it is true that most art is valued for its originality, printmaking is an essential part of the fine art world. The ability to create multiple images with one print is what makes many of these pieces unique in their own right. There are many different types of printmaking techniques which are utilized... read more